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Presentation for CTAMFT on Blended Families 4/28/16


Caught in the Blend!

images-1Blending Families: Merging Households with Kids 8-18


My own blended family journey began when my mother, Fredi married Howard Stevenson 25 years ago. My mom brought 4 daughters ages 32-22 years old to the marriage while Howard brought 3 sons ages 22-16. The typical comment we hear is still “It sounds like the Brady Bunch!”


Trevor Guest Hosts on What Women Want!

Trevor recently guest hosted on the popular radio show What Women Want, speaking on topics that women want to hear!

Click here to download directly and here to learn more about What Women Want.

What Women Want encourages women OF ALL AGES to come and listen to inspiring, FUN and educational talk radio with celebrities and internationally recognized guests and experts. We are on the air live every Wednesday evening.


Trevor Mullineaux

Trevor Mullineaux