Stepfamily Concierge Coaching

 Trevor Crow Mullineaux is an expert in step and blended family process. From her own personal experiences to helping other therapists navigate the tricky process of helping step families blend, Trevor provides a thoughtful, loving and hopeful roadmap for all step families. Developed through years of practicing EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for couples and using the attachment theory as lens, Trevor’s approach to blending stepfamilies is unique and profound. In short, we all need to feel safe, seen, heard and that we belong, or when we feel emotionally connected to one another, our well being increases exponentially and our families thrive. Safe emotional bonds in stepfamilies are just as, if not more important than first families.

Step/blended families have common issues that need to be mindfully attended to.

  • Developing a safe emotionally connected environment where all members feel valued and a sense of belonging
  • Structured, clear boundaries for family members
  • Strategies for coping with ex spouses and co-parenting
  • Nurturing the couple and benefiting the whole system

Trevor’s concierge coaching service is set up to make life as easy as possible for you. Trevor will travel to your location, coach via Skype and respond to your questions via text or email.

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