Dear Maryann and Trevor,

I greatly enjoyed your book, Forging Healthy Connections. Now that I have finished it, I am going to pass it on to my wife, even though I feel like I have already told her half of what is in it! As I read it, I could better understand myself and the avoidant attachment style I grew up with. I could also see that I have by and large overcome that, thanks to my wife, who has been amazingly attuned throughout our marriage. I am pretty sure after reading this book, I will be a better husband, father and friend.

Kim Burnham



Dear Trevor, Jill and friends of The Epic Prom,

Thank you all for creating a magical and empowering teen fashion show that engaged young girls and young men from the region to help support teens that have been affected by violence in their lives which in these cases, living or personally experienced emotional, verbal and physical abuse.  The traumatic experiences stay with someone for their entire life, however, with support, resources and people like yourselves the healing journey becomes a reality and the impact on their lives so positive!

Having the opportunity to go to your prom should be a “given” today for teens growing up….but that is not the case in so many youth that do not have the affordability to purchase a dress, rent a tuxedo and feel like they even deserve to have this special evening which can be the beginning of moving into a more self-sufficient lifestyle because….”someone cared to help!”.  Those someone’s are all of YOU!

Thank you on behalf of the young lives you’ve all had a significant impact on that now have a chance to begin a new chapter that is filled with happiness and hope!

With Much Appreciation,

Deb Greenwood


The Center for Family Justice